Welcome To The Wine & Cheese Club


Our monthly meet up where we drink wine and eat cheese! Held at The Wine & Cheese Bar in The Bernard Shaw, we welcome wine and cheese experts each month to guide us through the tastiest and most titillating pairings we can think of!

We are currently planning some virtual tastings, and have some exciting real event news coming down the line. Signup to the mailing list below to be the first to know! Oh and maybe a little subscription service, who knows đź‘€


Treat your Mammy Right!

  That time of year has come again and as usual, you’ve forgotten to get the dear Mammy in your life something to celebrate all it is she does for you. Be it your own mother, the mother of your children or just a special Mammy, they all deserve a special something this mothers day!  […]

Is that Rosé weather we see?

What is it about sun that turns us all into fabulous pink drinkers? Is it the crisp, refreshing nature of them? Is it the notes of herbs and strawberries we find in some of our favourite styles? Maybe it’s just the fact that they look so damn pretty in the glass when the light hits [...]

5 Best Ways to Open Your Champagne

Here we were thinking that the old traditional way was the way to go