Is that Rosé weather we see?

What is it about sun that turns us all into fabulous pink drinkers? Is it the crisp, refreshing nature of them? Is it the notes of herbs and strawberries we find in some of our favourite styles? Maybe it’s just the fact that they look so damn pretty in the glass when the light hits just right? Whatever the reason you love your rosé, we’re here to help you pick the right one (or maybe turn you on to a funky alternative?)…


We love rosé and all the other forms it takes. We love the still ones from France, the bubbly ones from Austria and even the ones that are actually light reds but we pretend they’re pink during summer. Because we love this gorgeous pink juice so much we’ve compiled a list of our 5 favourite rosés and light red friends for you to tick off your summer drink list!


Love & Grapes ‘Muse’ 

When we first tasted this before Christmas, it was during the brief time that pubs were open and all we could do was sling pints down our gullets and have a panic attack in pennys. But even with that much fear radiating through the country, this wine brightened up the gloomy December afternoon. This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé from the Loire valley has to be classified as “Vin de France” thanks to winemaker, Fred Niger’s, unwillingness to follow the rules! We like that attitude and we also like what he has to say about his own wine…


“Lemon, grapefruit, a bouquet of fresh and crunchy fruits for only 11% alcohol. A thirst-quenching wine to sip quietly in the shade of a pergola, between 2 games of pétanque or by the pool…”  Fred Niger, Winemaker


We couldn’t agree more, this is probably one of the most refreshing and interesting Rosés we have had in quite a long time. Enjoy this guy with some soft shell prawns, a grilled chicken salad or some fresh and crumbly goat cheese!

Meinklang Prosa

Natural pink bubbles from one of the largest Organic and Biodynamic estates in Europe. There isn’t much we can say about this wine that hasn’t been covered before. It’s one of the poster bottles for natural wine worldwide. Pinot noir, Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch all mix together to make a blend that’s as smashable as it is unpronounceable. Super juicy and packed with berry fruits, this is the only thing on our mind when we’re planning a picnic. 

Casa Belfi Rosso Frizzante

Grown up Summer Fruits MiWadi! Super smashable and perfectly refreshing. The bubbles lift this juicy red into a whole new realm of wine. This is the wine for the person who says they don’t like wine!  

Ok, ok, ok… we know this is supposed to be a list about our favourite rosés, but this is a light sparkling red! Can we just pretend it’s a dark rosé? Good! Now, this is a take on one of our favourite styles “Col Fondo”, basically it’s Hipster Prosecco, Natural, Cloudy and oh so gluggable! This guy is a red “Col Fondo” and as the tasting note mentions above, it’s super juicy and packed to the absolute brim with ripe red berry fruits. We love using it for a debaucherous take on afternoon tea, get some buttery pastry, cream and some berries for a sweet edge or pair with smokey, glazed, bbq chicken. If you happen to be around the Bernard Shaw/ Eatyard, pop out to the Village Pizza guys, order yourself a chorizo/ salami pie, grab a bottle of this in the shop upstairs and be prepared to have your mind blown!

Terre di Pietra Piccola Peste


Ehh, we might be taking the piss now, but the last wine on our “5 rosés to drink this summer” is legit a straight up red wine. But if you get this guy nice and chilly, point it to the sun on a scorching Saturday in June you’ll see why it had to make our list. Piccola Peste (problem child) is a light red hailing from Valpolicella in Italy. A lot of you might have already heard of this region, it’s famous for producing some of the fullest, richest and most decadent wines in the world with styles like Amarone and Ripasso. Most of the Valpolicella you will find in the supermarket will be these fuller styles, but of course our Piccola Peste has to be different! It’s a traditional blend of Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella and is made to be super light, juicy, uncomplicated and full of bouncy red berry fruit! We always have a few bottles of this on hand for when we break the BBQ out. When this is chilled and served in a low ball (no fancy glasses needed here) we know it’s summer time and all we want is some cheese in the sun while waiting for that burger to cook.


So, there you have it! Our “5 Rosés to drink this summer” turns out to be 1 “traditional rosé”, 2 pink bubbles, 1 sparkling red and 1 straight up red wine. What’s your favourite rosé?