Bunga Bunga Pasta

All of Bunga Bunga’s pasta is handmade and fresh and on the menu, they offer a Cacio e Pepe, Vegan Sweet Pomodoro (Yes, with vegan pasta!), and the Bunga Bunga. The Bunga Bunga is the biggest hit with customers and consists of a creamy sauce with pork & nduja sausage inspired by a Calabrian classic dish.

Bunga Bunga was the brainchild of childhood friends Aidan O’Donohoe and Peter Mcgreevy. With more time on their hands than usual during the pandemic and a boom in outdoor markets during that time, the pair sought to provide a unique offering in this space. Inspired by the London food market scene, the pair noticed a gap in the market for high-quality Italian food to go to Ireland.

They will be bringing back their big wheel of cheese this year to our Wine & Cheese Festival which when accompanied by a paired glass of wine will transport you to your Italian summer dreams (weather not included.)