Beverly Matthews – L’Atitude 51

Beverley Mathews is the owner of Cork’s famous L’Atitude 51 – award-winning wine bar and wine-events venue. It was a love affair with Italy that led Beverley to wine and after 6 years to-ing and fro-ing between Tuscany and Sicily, she decided it was time to put her money where her mouth was and opened L’Atitude 51 in 2011, after completing her WSET Diploma. Her holy grail has always been to bring wines that are exciting and different to the People’s Republic. Her focus is on organic, biodynamic and natural wines from small-scale independent winemakers, which she believes best reflect the vintage and the place they come from.
She is a great believer that wine should be fun and when not serving behind the bar in L’Atitude, she can be found running fun wine events, from the riotous Speed Tasting to the very popular CineCafe, and much more. She had a minor setback earlier this year after a fire temporarily knocked L’Atitude out of action, but has been popping up in various venues around Cork City with her quirky events and is delighted to bring L’Atitude to Dublin for Eatyard: Cheese & Wine. She and her team will be recreating a mini L’Atitude for the weekend with “Rebels” – a selection of wines by maverick winemakers and offbeat grapes & regions. An eclectic selection of wines that reflect what this Leeside Wine Bar is all about.

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