Natural Italian 3 Pack

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Casa Belfi Rosso Frizzante


What have we here? Red Prosecco? Yes, and no… This is a fizzy red from the homeland of Prosecco – Veneto in northern Italy, but it’s also a bit more than that. One of our favourite fizzes is a style known as Col Fondo, a natural and cloudy prosecco “glow up”, well this is a red version of that. Super refreshing and incredibly fun, juicy and light red berry fruits reminds us of a grown up MiWadi Summer Fruits. Made with 100% Raboso, a native red grape of the region, this wine is super smashable and perfectly refreshing. The bubbles lift this juicy red into a whole new realm of wine. This is the wine for the person who says they don’t like wine!


Terre di Pietra Piccola Peste

This wine is everything we want a great Valpolicella to be! Light, bouncy, fresh and just a little bit herbal. Ripe red cherry and light berry fruit pours out of the glass. Supple and smooth tannins and a refreshing acidity makes this a well structured wine perfectly suited for chilling down! A native blend of Corvina, Corvinone, Molinara, Rondinella this wine is a bit different to the usual Valpolicella suspects so it’s perfect for trying a new style that might feel a little bit familiar.


Pusole Bianco


A rich, slightly nutty style, this vermentino is a radical departure from the cold-fermented, sauvignon blanc-lookalike churned out elsewhere across Sardinia. Truly Mediterranean flavours of preserved lemon, bay and rosemary are underscored by breezy, saline minerality. We love this next to some fresh fennel, olive oil and good salt!