Become A Vendor

All the info you need to become a vendor can be found below – any q’s send us an email




The Bernard Shaw & Eatyard, Just off the Witworth road in Drumcondra



July 18th to 21st 2o24. Festival kicks off on Thursday 18th at 5pm and closes on Sunday 11th at 10pm. Information on sessions below.



We expect to see 350 people throughout the day on Thursday, 500 Friday with 1000 on Saturday and 700 on Sunday


-Pitch Fee

Standard pitches are 2m x 2m space w/ a 2m x 1m trestle table. 

Pitch fee for this is €100 for the weekend

Please note premium pitch, sponsorship & sampling opportunities are available. Please email for more info 



-Load in/out

Load-in for vendors will be from 9am on July 18th. 

Access will be from Whitworth Road. Please note this will be a set down zone only as there is no parking on site. There is a pay & display car park just across the road. 

Load-out begins at COB on Sunday night (10pm). All vendor items must be off site by 5pm on Monday 22nd July.



As it stands there will be one session per day but we may split these if demand dictates it


Thursday – 5pm – 10pm

Friday – 5pm – 10pm

Saturday – 12pm – 10pm

Sunday – 12pm – 10pm


-Payment system

You will provide your own payment systems 

We will be selling Food & Beverage vouchers to corporate groups which all vendors must honour. The redemption system will be as follows:

  • You bring your vouchers to the Venue Manager at the end of each night.
  • These are counted and you will be sent an email on the night with the value.
  • You will receive a statement of the amount owed by Wednesday after the festival. You can then invoice us for the amount. Invoice will be paid within 2-3 weeks from the date we receive it.



Free sampling beyond what is agreed with organisers is not allowed. A certain level of small tasters are tolerated. Vendors may not sell products beyond what has been agreed with organisers in advance. I.e. wine vendor cannot offer gin or other spirit drinks.


-Vendor space

Vendors will be provided with a 2 x 2 metre space & a 2 x 1m trestle table. If requested in advance we can provide access to power. 

Please note that all vendors will be required to look after their own signage & menus.

Also note that there will be no fridge or storage space on site.


-Confirmation of attendance

No vendor is considered confirmed until a deposit of 100% of the pitch fee is paid. Deadline for all deposits is June 1st.

All vendors must commit to all 4 days of the festival.