W&C 2019 FAQs



Iveagh Gardens, Dublin 2. We will be taking over the area to the left as you enter via Clonmel St. (Harcourt St. entrance).



August 8th to 11th 2019. Festival kicks off on Thursday 8th at 12pm and closes on Sunday 11th at 9.30pm. Information on sessions below.



Capacity for the venue is 4,000 per day, 16,000 max for the weekend. We will have more info regarding ticket sales and which sessions will be sold out closer to the weekend. Friday evening and both Saturday sessions are highly likely to be fully sold out soon.


-Load in/out

Load-in for vendors will be from the morning of Wednesday 7th August. All non-stock items are advised to be loaded in then, with stock to follow on Thursday morning.

Access will be via Clonmel St, off Harcourt St. No vehicles are allowed on the grounds of the gardens, so all items will need to be handballed from the gates to the pitch spaces.

Load-out begins at COB on Sunday night (9.30pm) and continues on Monday morning. All vendor items must be off site by 5pm on Monday 12th August.


-Serves and measures:

Standard pouring measure for the event is 125ml and minimum price per glass is €5. Attendees will be given reusable plastic wine cups on arrival with measure marked on each cup.



There will be two sessions per day, afternoon and evening. Attendees for early sessions will clear out at the end of the afternoon session and the site will be reset for the evening session. Turn around time will be an hour. Session times are below:


Thurs – 12-4:30pm // 5:30-10.30pm

Fri – 12-4:30pm // 5:30-10.30pm

Sat – 12-4:30pm // 5:30-10.30pm

Sun – 12-4:30pm // 5.30-9:30pm


-Glass on site:

Glass may not leave the festival site with attendees, therefore no off sales are allowed. We are awaiting confirmation on whether glass can be handed out to customers for on-site use. Ticket holders will be provided with a reusable polycarbonate wine cups and will be encouraged to keep them for the duration of the event. Rinsing stations will be located around the site.


-Payment system

W&C Fest will operate a one-for-one token/currency system. Attendees will purchase token books and these will be used as currency at all stalls. No cash is to be accepted by any vendor. Tokens are to be redeemed at the operations office at the end of each session. All balances owing will be paid by W&C accounts within 10 working days after the final day of the festival. Vendors will need to provide their own box/till for security of tokens. No credit card terminals will be needed with token system in place.



Free sampling beyond what is agreed with organisers is not allowed. A certain level of small tasters are tolerated. Vendors may not sell products beyond what has been agreed with organisers in advance. I.e. wine vendor cannot offer gin or other spirit drinks.


We’re expecting 2k per slot, 4k per day.


We will be using a cashless system. We will provide the systems for you.


As above, vendors must stick to menus that are cleared with organisers in advance. Menus are to be sent on to organisers no later than July 31st. Where possible, W&C organisers will liaise with wine bars to ensure there is not too much crossover of styles and approaches to menus. We will not dictate what you do with your menu, just advise.


-Vendor space

Vendors will be provided with a 3×3 metre space inside a larger marquee. Your pitch will have wooden flooring and lighting provided. If required, we can provide access to power, fridge, ice and some other amenities for an added cost.



We won’t have dividers between the vendors but there will be a small gap.



We can arrange this for you at an extra cost if needs be.


-Confirmation of attendance

No vendor is considered confirmed until a deposit of 50% of the pitch fee is paid. Deadline for all deposits is June 1st.



PL & EL insurance:  Up to date insurance. Please ensure that you have cover for trading outdoors at festivals in the Republic of Ireland and include the following indemnity: ’Please can you provide from your insurer an indemnity to Bernard Shaw Taverns Ltd for the purposes of the Wine and Cheese Festival 2019’ The company must be indemnified under your current insurance policy which covers the Eatyard Cheese & Wine Festival 2019. Your insurance should consist of Public Liability of no less than €6,500,000.00 and where required Employers Liability of €13,000,000.00’ Staff includes volunteers/family members working for you.



Travelodge in Rathmines have kindly agreed to a discount of 10% off Best Available Rate for Wine & Cheese Festival for 8th – 11th August 2019. Contact hotel on 01 491 1402 or rathmines@travelodge.ie & Quote – WINECHEESEFESTIVAL2019 to avail of 10%. For longer stays please email David.mcmahon@travelodge.ie


-Other info and website

We have more information and a seperate FAQ on the homepage of our site: https://www.wine-n-cheese.com/

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