Wine & Cheese Challenge

The famous fun of the Eatyard stage  will be coming to Wine & Cheese fest – what would a food fest be without some healthy(ish) competition?

We’ve two challenges running daily & we’ve some great prizes to be won!

The Cracker Challenge – Could you be crowned the cracker champion?

Ever eaten a cream cracker with nothing on it? More than one? THREE? They say this is fairly impossible. All we are asking you to do is eat THREE cream crackers in one minute or under. You cannot drink or eat anything else during this time. Are you up for the challenge?

Grape Expectations – The Grape Stomping Challenge

Traditionally wine was made with feet – yep, feet. Bare toes squelched all the juice out of the grapes that eventually made the wine. We’ve moved on from this method thankfully but we haven’t moved on from how much fun it is. We are challenging you to crush as many grapes as you can in under a minute. Whoever manages to extract the most juice wins!


Thurs + Friday 7pm
Saturday + Sunday 2pm + 7pm

Please note that you must have a ticket to The Wine & Cheese Festival to participate. Tickets can be found here.

Think you have what it takes to enter? Enter below with your details & which day/time you want to do it!